About Us

We are a private enterprise “Hay” that emerged in 2002.

Sourcing, drying and bucking of bog oak trunks aged 1270 to 5640 years old are at the core of our business activities. These wooden bars can be further used for production of knife handles, tobacco pipes, pens, statuettes, fashion jewellery, etc. Our company is also engaged in supply of bog-wood to furniture and hardwood floor manufacturers.

Our ancestors passed on the secrets and special techniques of bog oak sourcing and processing to us. We are skilled in working with such beautiful and hard-to-process material as bog oak that enables us to produce the wooden bars of top quality.

The sites we work at are the rivers flowing in the Northern Ukraine, namely the Desna, the Seim, and the Snov.

2014 was a watershed year for our company as we entered a world market, and in 2015 we started supplying our products to all the settled continents of the world.

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